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Tay Commercial is proud of its customer service and the strong relationships we build with our customers. Once launched at the customer site the software we build may never need any further changes, but in some cases customers come back to us at regular intervals for further development of the software. This may be that once the power of bespoke software is experienced further ideas come to the fore relating to other areas of their business. Or it could be a deliberate policy to start with the core features and then expand so that the impact on their business as they work with us on the development is minimised. Alternatively changes or expansion in the business may necessitate additional software development. The first part of the year has been spent on such projects. Amongst other developments we have upgraded the stock management program for a major sheet piling company to better manage stock across different sites. We are currently adding functionality to the stock management system for a farmer’s co-operative to include the different types of agreements they have with farmers, to make changes to the way loads are managed and streamline the reports. With new projects in the pipeline covering Windows Forms Applications, Websites and Mobile Devices it looks like being a hot summer for Tay Commercial Services.

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