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Bespoke Software Development In Manchester

Having started out in Bury Lancashire over 33 years ago the teams at Tay Commercial Services have developed numerous bespoke software solutions including, amongst others, accounting, office management, stock control and production management.

These solutions have been integrated into a diverse range of businesses throughout Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas including various engineering and manufacturing companies, travel agents, a bullion dealer, fine organic chemical manufacturer, carpet warehouse, chemical distributor and public utilities to name but a few.

They run in windows style environments and can, when required, be integrated with barcode readers, scanners, touch screens, card readers, cash accepters, weighbridges etc. to produce an efficient cost effective solution. In the majority of cases they can also be integrated with your web site.

We develop using a number of database solutions including Microsoft SQL Server, InformixMySQL and MS Access. The database chosen is based on the client’s requirements and preferences. The majority of our projects are completed on a fixed price basis. After a detailed analysis of the project a price and payment terms are agreed. If you have an up-and-coming application requirement please do not hesitate to contact us for a free and informal, no obligation discussion.

Our current clients range from a small office, many SME's, Educational establishments, Financial Institutions and Public Utilities.

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