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Database Technology

Both Informix (IBM Informix Dynamic Server) and Genero db are operating system independent, relational database management systems produced by database specialist organisations. As such they have the ability to grow with your requirements in terms of both number of transactions and number of concurrent users. Both are programmed using a 4gl language specifically developed for database access resulting in lean, mean code leaving programmers free to concentrate on your business logic.

IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)

IDS’s track record for transaction processing and uptime are second to none and over the years it has proved both its performance and legendary reliability. Various editions are available making it appropriate for customers of all sizes. Taycom primarily uses the Work Group Edition which provides affordable access to many of the key IDS technologies without the enterprise price-tag. IDS Work Group has a flexible licensing model which offers customers the option to add on features such as a secondary server for disaster recovery or an off-site back up. This versatility allows us to tailor a solution that fits your individual business requirements.

Unlike some databases, IDS does not tie you into a particular operating system or vendor. It is built on open standards and is available on all major current operating systems. This means that IDS will easily slot into your exiting IT environment and your IT investments are protected. One of the great things about IDS is that once it is installed and configured it is virtually admin free. We develop on the latest version, IDS 11, which incorporates self-managing features to make it simple to use and intuitive to administer. This means that you can concentrate on running your business rather than worrying about your technology.

Backed by IBM, IDS offers customers the stability and support of a big name player, while the IDS Work Group Edition provides enterprise technology without the massive budget.

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