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IDS - Advanced Application Development

Some of the new features in IDS 11 enable a reduction in the time to value for your investment.

Basic Text Search Functionality

The execution of proximity and fuzzy searches on certain standard ASCII-based attributes (eg. CHAR, TEXT, CLOB datatypes) is possible using the IBM Basic Text Search DataBlade module which supports considerably more text parsing than that available with standard SQL operators.

Built-in XML Features

Using built-in functions and XPATH expressions it is now even easier to publish the results of SQL operations as fully formed XML documents. Further additional functions allow the extraction and manipulation of field contents together with the facility to validate the structure and contents of XML documents.

Web Feature Service

By virtue of an Open GeoSpatial Consortium Web Feature Service API web-driven applications can interact with location based data provided by IBM Informix Spatial and Geodetic DataBlade modules. The web service facilitates the exchange of location information or tracking of assets between applications.

Customised Deployment

A deployment wizard permits the creation of a customised installation footprint allowing the installation of only the required data server functionality. Application flexibility and compatibility is enhanced via support for multiple triggers on tables and views.

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