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IDS - Business Continuity

IDS 11 offers you the opportunity to structure the business continuity option best suited to your requirements by providing a range of flexible choices working seamlessly together to protect your data server environment. Whether your business requires full and independent copies of the entire processing environment for global failover and workload balancing or simply a backup server without data duplication IDS 11 has the answer.

High-Availability Data Replication

The benefits of your IT investment can be maximised and a failsafe, multi-site global availability plan can be formulated utilising IDS 11’s support for multiple secondary sites. Increased options for load balancing and performance improvements arise from the ability of each remote replica to be used for read access.

Enterprise Replication

With no additional application development IDS 11 enables the building of an enterprise-wide data sharing system with a full range of read and write capabilities across all servers included in the Enterprise Replication cluster.

Continuous Availability Feature

The continuous availability feature makes almost seamless fail-over options available at a fraction of the cost of maintaining full replicas of the primary data server environment. This is achieved by enabling a cluster of IDS instances around a single set of shared storage devices to synchronize memory structures as well as sharing disks. Using appropriately written applications this architecture can be leveraged for load-balancing or practically uninterrupted data services even on the failure of one or more servers.

Continuous Log Restore Capability

By offering log recovery to a backup server the continuous log restore capability offers better automation and higher availability than a simple backup and restore. IDS Express customers often find this an ideal availability solution.

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