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IDS Summary

IDS’s reliability and high speed OLTP are well known throughout the business world. The latest upgrades have further enhanced these attributes whilst also lowering the TCO and improving global availability and scalability. In an on demand world customers expect an uninterrupted service which changes as rapidly as their expectations. IDS 11 provides the flexibility, reliability and ease of maintenance to permit you to respond to external events as they occur.


  • High volume OLTP database offering outstanding performance, reliability, scalability and manageability
  • Fully-featured RDBMS with the ability to meet unique business requirements with the speed of a native database
  • Reliable, solid and secure support for on demand environments
  • High security to comply with government regulations
  • Global view of remote servers provided by GUI-based Open Admin Tool allowing flexible analysis and the facility to drill down to the query level
  • Web Feature Service API provides for the easy delivery of location information to web and SOA applications
  • Deployment Wizard enables customisation of the data server footprint thus reducing deployment costs
  • SQL API and scheduler facilitate the automation of maintenance activities hence reducing management costs
  • Enhanced availability, performance and database administrator productivity Benefits
  • Continuous availability possible using low-cost hardware in a cluster environment
  • Almost hands free administration and the ability to control administration activities from within an application via the SQL API result in a lower TCO. IDS customers have reported using one-third or less of the staff required to manage competitors’ products
  • Replication choices and the Continuous Availability Feature remove the need to rely on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ business continuity solution
  • Distributed database and virtual table capabilities ensure uniform access to information irrespective of its physical location
  • Performance and efficiency of customer applications dramatically increased by IBM’s parallel-everything Dynamic Stable Architecture providing fully integrated business logic running where the data is stored.

Market Problem Solving Advantages

  • Broad range of information management applications supported with excellent performance and reliability
  • IBM Informix DataBlade™ technology provides for the management of all types of data including text, images, sound, video, time series and spatial data enabling the extension of the database’s capabilities to meet specific organisational requirements
  • Significant cost savings from the Continuous Availability Feature offering support for cluster solutions, providing scalability for the database to grow with your business’ needs and failover recovery to ensure continuity of your business operation (in the event of system failure automatic deployment of a second server to access the same data disk is possible)
  • Replication capabilities ensure the reliable and fast dissemination of information across a global organisation
  • Full integration with web technology enables data to be accessed from either the internet or the company’s intranet


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