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IDS - Workgroup Edition

Software products are available from IBM to integrate with and support your IDS

Workgroup Edition Features

  • OLTP data server with system management support
  • High Availability
    - Continuous log restore
    - Table-level back-up and recovery
    - Point-time instance wide restore
  • High Performance
    - Multi-threaded architecture for SMPs with asynchronous I/O
    - Non-blocking checkpoints
    - Cascading deletes
    - Direct I/O support delivering almost raw device performance
    - Enhanced query performance via ANSI SQL extensions for derived tables and optimizer directives
  • Web Feature Service API facilitates usage of location-based data in an SOA environment
  • Application flexibility and compatibility aided by the allowance of multiple triggers on tables and views
  • Add-on option for disaster recovery provides high availability data replication
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh operating systems

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