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MS SQL Server 2016

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is available in a number of editions catering for all sizes of businesses. Tay Commercial’s staff can help you choose the right one for your business and then develop a bespoke application for you.

Standard Edition – basic database, reporting and analytics capabilities:

  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Maximum database size 524 PB
  • Maximum memory used by Server Database Engine – 64 GB
  • Licensing options:
    • Per Core
    • Per Server plus Client Access Licences

Business Intelligence Edition – for Premium Self-Service and Corporate Business Intelligence:

  • Standard edition plus:
    • Rapid data discovery with Power View
    • Corporate and scalable reporting and analytics
    • Data Quality Services and Master Data Services
  • Licensing options:
    • Per Server plus Client Access Licences

Enterprise Edition – for Mission Critical and Applications Data Warehousing:

  • Business Intelligence edition plus:
    • Advanced high availability with Always On
    • High performance data warehousing with Column Store
    • Maximum virtualization (with Software Assurance)
  • Maximum memory used by Server Database Engine – Operating System maximum
  • Licensing options:
    • Per Core

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