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Server Virtualisation

Using server virtualisation software each physical server can host a number of ‘virtual servers’. Each virtual server sees itself as an independent server with its own CPU, RAM, hard disk and stand-alone operating system. Multiple physical servers may be linked to act as one physical server. Citrix XenServer™ provides low TCO, operating system independent, bare metal, hardware assisted, true hypervisor server virtualisation with minimal overhead. Multiple operating systems and live migrations of virtual machines between independent physical servers are both catered for.

What are the benefits of server virtualisation? - Achieve more with less
Reduced TCO

  • Increased server utilisation results in fewer physical servers
  • Reduced hardware, floor space, power and cooling costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced management time to ‘keep the business running’ – IT staff can be proactive in developing the systems and the business

Improved Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Production servers safer - virtual servers isolated from driver hardware
  • Virtual servers can be the subject of a live migration with no disruption to service
  • Portable workloads – can be restored to any location
  • Application workloads changed in minutes
  • Resources available to workloads can be optimised on an ‘as needs’ basis
  • New servers can be deployed ‘on-the-fly’
  • Redundant production servers can be repurposed to provide back up for all system

Server Containment – minutes not days to provision a new server

Test and Development

  • Identical environments can be provided quickly and easily
  • Idle capacity on DR servers can be utilised for test and development
  • Improve time-to-market of mission critical applications?

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